What is a Certificate of Deposit Account?

Certificate Deposit (CD) Accounts are safe, stable investment options that allow members to lock in a fixed rate of return for a specified term and generally offer higher dividend rates than the rates than Share Savings or Money Market accounts. CD’s are what we call a timed deposit. This means that you agree to keep your money there for a set period of time, or the term length. A term length typically ranges between three months and five years. These are our rates on the share accounts. These are our normal terms and rates for our CD’s:

Term (Months)Minimum Deposit (USD)Dividend Rate (%)APY* (%)
6 Month $5001.60%1.61%
12 Month$5002.05%2.07%
24 Month$5002.70%2.73%
36 Month$5002.85%2.89%
48 Month$5002.95%2.99%
60 Month$5003.20%3.25%

*Annual Percentage Yield

Certificate rates remain fixed for the term of the certificate. Fees or other conditions may reduce the earnings on account. On certificate accounts, a penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals before maturity.

Save for longer-term goals with the earnings potential of a Happy certificate. Starting January 1st, we will be offering a 18 Month Certificate Special at 1.26{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} Annual Percentage Yield for new money only. What does new money only mean? New money means that the money must be coming from another financial institution. For example, if the money you want to put into the new CD is in your savings account here at WCFCU, you would not be eligible for this offer.  This promotion will be available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out! The minimum deposit is $500. An 180 day dividend penalty will be imposed for early withdrawals.

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