Share the love

Did you know that more than 200,000 Maine citizens are unsure where their next meal will come from?  Or that Maine ranks 17th in the nation and 1st in New England for food insecurity, 2% higher than the U.S. national average (14.3%)?  Or know that there are approximately 64,200 children in Maine that are starving right now? (Source: Feeding America)

Share the love and lead with Winslow Community Federal Credit Union by supporting United Way of Mid-Maine’s Food Pantry Project.  For the full month of February, Winslow Community Federal Credit Union will have a shelving unit set up in their lobby for donations to be accepted.  Everything will be appreciated and the smallest contributions could make a huge difference in someone’s life.  It is time to give back and show what a caring and loving community we live in.  We look forward to a very successful and generous food collection, come share the love!

United Way of Mid-Maine was incorporated over 60 years ago, in 1954, and was originally known as the “Waterville Area Community Chest”.  United Way of Mid-Maine main goals are to raise money for local non-profits, improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of our communities, and to create a culture of caring and action to improve the lives of others.  United Way of Mid-Maine’s values are caring, inclusiveness, integrity, respect, creating impact, and collaboration.  Lead by example and make a difference with United Way of Mid-Maine food pantry project!

Healthy Donation Ideas can be:

o   Breads and Cereals: rice mixes, noodle mixes/pasta, oatmeal, whole wheat crackers, granola bars, pancake mix, etc.

o   Fruits: canned fruit, dried fruits, fruit snacks, pureed baby food, raisins, applesauce, etc.

o   Protein: canned beef stew, baked beans, canned chili, canned & dried beans, canned   salmon, canned chicken, canned tuna, bean soups, peanut butter, etc.

o   Vegetables: canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, V-8 juice, etc.