Attention all High School Students and Parents!


Today, the biggest issue for many students making decisions about college has to do with the cost and how long it takes to repay all of their loans. Students may know of scholarships they could attain from the College they wish to attend, but do they know College scholarships are everywhere? There are numerous local businesses, community foundations, local chapters of national organizations, state and local governments, and colleges in your state that are looking to help High School seniors and their parents.

As a Thomas College Senior, I know from experience that students and parents are unaware of all of the local scholarship opportunities. Students are missing out on financial assistance that could be the deciding factor if they continue with their education or not. With that being said, the next question is how to find local College scholarships. Consider some or all of the following:

  • Visiting your Guidance Counselor– The first person you should see when you have any questions about College is your Guidance Counselor. Your guidance Counselor is there to help you; make sure you take advantage! Ask for any possible scholarships and to keep you informed with future scholarship possibilities.
  • Looking around the Community– Visit Credit Unions, Banks, Stores, Insurance Agencies, etc. you will be surprised with how many scholarships go unapplied for. That could be money going into your education!
  • Local Clubs and Groups– Rotary, American Legion, Booster clubs, etc. may also offer Scholarships. These scholarships are usually focused on volunteer work and being involved with the community.
  • Religious Affiliation– Many people may not have known this, but there is a very good chance the church you attend or a church you may know of offers a scholarship.
  • Staying In-State– If you attend an In-State College or University, there is a scholarship possibility depending on your course of study and the school you attend. On the other hand, you might be able to hit the jackpot and be awarded a scholarship from a school you did not even plan on attending!