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Online Banking

Online banking may make some people nervous, but it’s safe, secure and easy! We would like to offer FREE one-on-one help to anyone who is interested in Online Banking, but isn’t sure where to start. Maybe you, your mom or dad, or even a grandparent is interested in being able to manage their finances online, but just isn’t quite sure where to start. To schedule some one-on-one time, give us a call at 207.872.2636.

In the meantime, here’s our easy step-by-step Online Account Access Guide that shows the different features of the site.

Online Account Access Guide

  1. Go to
  2. LOGIN: Login with your username and password OR click the “Register” link under the login information to get started.
  3. ACCOUNT BALANCES: The “Account Summary” screen will open up. This will show you all of the accounts/loans/credit cards that you have with us. You will also be able to see the balances of each account. If you have loans/credit cards, you will also be able to see the next payment due date and amount.
    Online Account: Account-Summary
  4. SEARCH TRANSACTIONS: In the “Search Transactions” box, you can search by name (i.e. “Target”) or by amount (i.e. 200), then hit Search and all of the transactions that match will show up.
  5. TRANSFER FUNDS: You can also transfer funds between your accounts. If you click on the “Transfers” tab, you’ll be prompted with the below. You could also “Add a Scheduled Transfer,” and select the amount, where it’s being transferred to and from and if you want it to be reoccurring transfer.
    Online Banking: Transfer funds
  6. MAKE A LOAN PAYMENT: You can also make a Loan Payment by selecting the “Loan” tab. You can even set up a scheduled loan payment (click on “Add Scheduled Payment”) so your loan will automatically be paid from the account of your choosing each month.
    Online Banking: Make a loan payment
  7. MAKE A CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: To make a Credit Card Payment, Select “Credit Card Payments” under the Loan tab and fill out the fields.
    Online Banking: Make a credit card payment
  8. STOP A CHECK: You can also look at information regarding your checks by clicking on the “Check Services” tab. With this, you can stop a check payment with a $15 fee.
    Online Banking: stop a check
  9. SEARCH FOR A CHECK: If you click on “Check Search” under the “Check Services” tab, you can find a specific check number to see if it has cleared. You can also order more checks by clicking on “Check Order” right next to the “Check Search” item.
    Online Banking: search for a check
  10. VIEW YOUR STATEMENTS: To see statements for your account, click on the “Documents” tab. If you click on the little folder with the green arrow, that will allow you to download the statement. You can see the Dates of each statement in the “Date” column. Your statements will be available to you for 18 months.
    Online Banking: view your statements
  11. SET UP ALERTS: You can also set up alerts for your account by clicking on the “Alerts” tab. For example, let’s say you want to get an email or phone text notification anytime your account balance goes under $100, you can do that! There are some alerts already created that you can choose to edit by clicking on the little piece of paper with a pencil. If you need assistance setting up a specific alert, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.
    Online Banking: set up alerts
  12. BILL PAY ACCESS: Bill pay is a service allows you to automatically set up one-time or recurring payments for the creditors, dates and amounts you want from any personal computer. Pay any company or individual with a U.S. postal address. Eliminate the task of writing and mailing checks each month, paying postage, and forgetting to pay all your bills. Call for assistance.
    Online Banking: access bill pay
  13. BILL PAY: To have access to the bill pay option, you will have to sign up at the credit union. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $5. It’s free if you have online account access and Cue-Statements; otherwise a $5 monthly fee applies. There’s a $5 inactivity fee after three months of not using it.