Bucks for Books

Maine credit unions understand the hefty price tag that can come with a college education. We are also all too aware of the extra burden that is college textbooks. Of course there are websites where you can buy and sell textbooks and many colleges let you rent books instead of purchasing but no matter the quality of your textbook the sell-back value depreciates fast.  We all remember the excitement of picking out shiny new school supplies before the start of the year while in grade school so why not feel this way when you get this year’s textbooks with a little extra help? To make the burden easier to bear, Young and Free Maine is holding their first Bucks for Books contest. Young and Free Maine will be giving away a $200 prize, $300 prize, and even a $500 prize to three (3) randomly selected winners to pay for textbooks.

How to Enter young free maine

Powered by Maine’s credit unions, not only is the Bucks for Books contest giving away great prizes but entering is easy as pie! All you have to do is go to the Young and Free Maine website and enter your information such as your name, email, phone number, date of birth, year in school, the name of your college or university, and how you heard about the contest. That’s it!

Enter the Bucks for Books giveaway here. There’s even a Bonus Bucks Battle to win an additional $500! Be sure to keep up with the Young and Free Maine website as well as follow this year’s Spokester Mallory on social media to stay up to date with other contests and money saving tips.

Remember, if you are interested in entering you must do so by the contest deadline – September 11, 2015

We at Winslow Community Federal Credit Union wish you all good luck in the contest and success on another, or a first, year at college!