What is a Foreign Transaction?

foreign transactionsA Foreign Transaction is any transaction that is done with a company outside of the United States. With the Winslow Community FCU Visa Debit & Credit Cards, Visa will charge an International Transaction Fee of 1{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} per transaction. This is for any international purchases, credit vouchers or cash disbursements. This will show up on your statement separately as an International Transaction fee. The transaction itself will be billed to your account in US Dollars. In addition, visa will charge only 0.8{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} for any international transactions that do not involve a currency conversion, meaning you’re able to purchase something in US Dollars.

Another important thing to note is that Exchange Rates for every Country is different and can change on a daily basis. To see exchange rates for different countries, you can go to

If you are planning on traveling to another country, please always contact us before you leave, otherwise your card will not work.

How does a foreign transaction work?

Here’s an example of how a foreign transaction may work. We are going to use the Exchange Rate for Canada, which is currently $1 US Dollar = $1.27 Canadian Dollars.

Example 1: Let’s say your in Canada and would like to withdraw $100 Cash from an ATM. You will get $100 in Canadian Money, but will only be charged $78.68 in US Dollars (which is the amount that will actually come out of your account). In addition, you will be charged a 1{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} International Transaction Fee, which in this case, is only $1. There may also be an ATM fee as well.

Example 2: Let’s say that you are in Canada and go into a store and purchase something for $100 Canadian Dollars with your debit or credit card. You will be charged only an .8{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} fee in this situation, because there is no currency conversion required, meaning you are not withdrawing cash. So, you will be charged only $78.68 US Dollars on your account plus the .8{a16c29276902c0134dc3724dc6f6a60124a484baf737123e94c02cf5a4efbdc5} fee, which is $0.80.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, do not forget to contact us to let us know if you plan to travel outside of the country to ensure that your debit/credit card will work.