1. $6.9 Billion dollars will be spent on food for Independence Day celebrations

2. Americans will spend $193.6 million on hamburger patties

3. An average 4th of July cookout costs $54.62

4. The average person plans on spending about $73.42 for Independence Day Celebrations

5. Americans will spend $111.1 million on charcoal and another $94.3 million on lighter fluid

6. $1 Billion Dollars will be spent on fireworks with 16,000 fireworks displays being held

7. $25K to $100K is the cost of hosting a municipal fireworks display

8. Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks spectacular costs $6 million dollars

9. 46.9 million Americans will make a trip of at least 50 miles

10. 150 million American flags are sold every year