Maine Credit Union Day at the State House


Maine State House

What is Maine CU day at the State House?

Maine CU day at the State House is when credit union’s all around the state meet at the State House for political involvement. Political involvement comes in many forms – job shadows, contributions, and participating in activities and events.  While all are important and have valuable roles in legislative and political success, visibility is mentioned time and time again by legislators and others as one of the most effective forms of political involvement.

“Maine politics, in particular, is about building and strengthening relationships between legislators and the people they represent.  CU Day at the State House brings credit union representatives to Augusta, and provides a forum for conversations and discussions to take place.  It’s a win-win for all participants,” explained John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League.

Why be involved in Credit Union Political Involvement?

Attending Maine CU day at the State House gives us the opportunity to speak with legislators, watch the House and/or Senate in action, and be part of a group recognition of Maine’s credit unions with a Joint Resolution from the Legislature.

Elise Baldacci, Director of Governmental Affairs for the League, noted that CU Day at the State House can send a strong message to legislators about “how engaged and involved Maine credit unions are in the political process.  In Augusta, involvement and engagement are noticed, and Maine credit unions have a long history of doing so and, hopefully, it will continue with another big turnout this year.”

Why Winslow Community Federal Credit Union Attends?

Credit Union Day at the State House provides our personnel and volunteers with the opportunity to meet our local legislators as well as those in other areas of the state to share the uniqueness of credit unions in the financial industry.  It’s critical for Maine’s credit unions to exhibit our cooperative nature in encouraging support for issues within our industry; one of the important reasons that Winslow Community FCU is represented at the event.  Members are also encouraged to get involved by supporting a fundraising initiative for CULAC (Credit Union Legislative Action Council) or simply exercising their right to vote in every election!