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What's new with the update?

New Feature for Phone’s that have a fingerprint reader: You can choose to sign in to your app by using the fingerprint reader. This is a super secure and quick way to sign in! You can turn this feature on by going into the settings. If you don’t have the feature to turn on in your settings, that means that your phone is not eligible for it. In order to turn this option on in the app, you MUST have enabled the fingerprint reader on your phone first.

Card Controls for Debit Cards: If you have a debit card with us, you will now be able to turn your card on and off if you happen to lose it, or if there is fraud on the account. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! However, if you want to permanently block your card and order a new one, please contact the Credit Union on the next available business day.

Travel Notes: If you are going to be traveling and would like to use your debit card, you can easily set up a note for us rather than calling. If you click within Card Controls, there will be an option for “Travel Notes”. From there, you will select the dates you will be traveling, the location and the Debit Cards that you plan to use. If you would also like to use your credit card while traveling, please give us a call.

Quick Balance: Without logging in, you can easily view the balance of your accounts just by clicking on “Quick Balance” in the login screen. This is a feature that you will need to turn on in order to use it. You can do so in the settings. After you turn it on, you will then select the accounts that you would like to be able to see when you click “Quick Balance”.

Apple Pay: You can easily get to your Mobile Wallet by clicking on the “Apple Pay” feature in the menu. Apple pay is available for your Winslow Community Debit and Credit Cards.

Account Screen Buttons: On the accounts screen, you will now see a little floating circle in the bottom right of the screen. If you click on this, it will give you the option to do Mobile Deposit, Bill Pay, or Transfer Money. Also, when you are within a specific account, you will be able to click the little circle in the bottom right to make a transfer from that account to another.

Check out the video below for an overview of the new app and the new features!