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The Search for WCFCU First Pet of the Month

We are happy to announce WCFCU’s new Pet of the pet of the month - your pet here with paws
Month Feature! We know how much our members love their pets. Whether they’re house pets or trusty farm animals, pets just somehow become part of the family, which is why we’re encouraging you to share your pet with the rest of the Winslow Community Federal Credit Union family!
We realize that it’s not always easy taking care of an animal but pets can be surprisingly intuitive and sometimes might just look after you too. Who else will get the morning paper? What about your slippers after a long day of work? Who will sleep on your warm laptop when you’ve been working from home too long? Well, maybe that one is just because your cat does whatever it wants, but the point still stands. We think it’s time both you and your pet got a little credit for all that you do.

How to Participate

Just email us a clear digital photo of you and your pet and the two of you will have the chance to be the owner and pet dynamic duo featured in our Pet of the Month spot! It’s as simple as that. The selected Pet of the Month will appear in our ad space on WABI 5’s Pets’ Feature page as well as on our Facebook page and our screen in the lobby. Pet of the Month submissions can range from dogs and cats to reptiles and baby goats and each month we will choose a new member submitted pet photo.
Be sure to send in a clear digital photograph of you and your pet to In your email please include your pet’s or pets’ name(s) as well as your own first name. Remember to go and give our Facebook page a like and check in to see if your pet is the Winslow Community FCU’s Pet of the Month!