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Account here, account there, accounts everywhere

How many financial institutions do you have accounts with? Two? Three? More?

We know it happens. You opened the checking account where your parents always banked, applied for an equity line where you had your first old auto loan, and still keep your savings at a place that had a giveaway years ago. Now you’re reviewing account balances at several different locations and shuffling money from one place to another.

Now's the time!

There’s no time like the present to pull yourself together. Surely you know one financial organization that offers all of the services you want, along with exceptionally favorable rates and fees, and member service that typically outshines other kinds of financial institutions?

It’s your local credit union!

Why consolidate?

When you consolidate your financial business here at WCFCU, you gain big-time convenience along with our hometown courtesy. You can also manage all of your accounts at once with Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

And did you know you can access your WCFCU accounts at over 200 surcharge-free ATM’s in Maine and over 5,000 shared branching service centers across the country? Only the most gigantic banks have more locations.

What else?

Pulling together all your banking business with us can also pay off in the form of special discounts or rewards. So with all of these advantages waiting here for you, why spread yourself thin? Ask us today how to make WCFCU your go-to financial resource for your household!

Come see us at 12 Monument Street in Winslow!