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Using your credit card online can be scary, especially with so many different types of scams and phishing attempts online trying to steal your information. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you use your credit card to online shop safely.

1. Don’t Shop in Public

You shouldn’t do your online shopping in public. Websites often save login information. Therefore, the next person to use that device may be able to access your account and credit card information. Even if you do log out, hackers are able to record the key strokes you used and gather your information from that. Even if you are using your own device, be careful of public WiFi. Hackers are often able to steal your information due to the fact that you are using the same WiFi network.

2. Check for the ‘s’

When it is time to enter your credit card information online, take a look at the URL. Make sure it starts with https:// rather than http://. The ‘s’ stands for secure and makes sure that your information is encrypted. The ‘s’ is not a guarantee that the transaction is 100% safe, but it is another layer of protection for your information.

3. Check for a Seal

Most legitimate websites have a seal of approval from different organizations that let you know they have been verified and are trustworthy. Seals to look for include ones from the Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, and TRUSTe. However, sometimes these seals can be faked. Never enter your information on a website that you feel is shady. Trust your instinct.

4. Don’t Click the Link

If you receive a suspicious email with a link, do no go shopping by directly clicking the link. Even if it is a well-known company, do not click the link. It could be fraudulent and a phishing attempt to get your information. Instead navigate to the website yourself to do your shopping. This way you know you are going to the correct website.

5. Print Your Receipts

After you’ve used your credit card to make the purchase, print off a copy of your receipt or confirmation. Make sure to compare the amount on your receipt to your billing statement and verify that they match.

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