The issue of skimming and its impact on one’s card security is a source of local and national concern. Skimming is a growing problem, and one that Maine’s credit unions take very seriously. In light of the skimming devices found over the summer at ATM terminals of local financial institutions, Maine’s credit unions have served as a resource to the public to ensure that more of the state’s residents do not fall victim to skimming.

Know the warning signs - follow these tips to protect your accounts:

Skimming can occur at ATM machines and other point-of-sale locations. A skimmer is a device that is used to capture card data that can then be transferred to another card to perform fraudulent activity. Skimmers are typically placed in areas where there is low visibility. Often times they are placed at ATM terminals, gas pumps and sometimes used by individuals at merchant locations, including restaurants and taxis.

  • In an effort to protect against card theft, Maine’s credit unions are instructing their members and the general public to be aware of their surroundings by examining ATM terminals closely. In many of the recent cases, hackers were able to capture PIN numbers from cameras installed at ATM terminals. Here are some tips to follow: Keep your fingers covered as you enter your information.
  • Do not rely on the look and feel of an ATM alone, as it is often impossible to detect skimming devices with the naked eye. Keep a close eye on your accounts for any suspicious or unauthorized activity.
  • If spotted, contact your credit union to report the fraudulent activity. Your financial institution will then determine what steps need to be taken in order to recover losses and prevent additional losses.

Despite the events that occurred earlier this year, the state’s credit union members can be rest assured that Maine’s credit unions are monitoring the issue closely. By remaining vigilant and taking extra security precautions, Maine’s financial institutions are staying ahead of the hackers in many cases. As skimming technology continues to evolve, it is important that financial institutions and their members continue to work together to monitor and report any fraudulent activity in order to protect themselves from falling victim to skimming.